25 June 2009

from the beretta

last night cheyne and i saw dj skeet skeet, the captain, star eyes, ac slater, and drop the lime at the echo. it was a trouble & bass/scion record release show and it was bomb. it's a good sign when all of the djs stick around and are dancing on stage behind whoever's currrently djing. also i was wearing this poofy ass mbmj dress so while i was dancing it was swaying all over the fucking place. ha. oh god and speaking of clothes, I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF FEDORAS, especially the dreaded flannel + fedora combo. orrrrr fedora+white alexander wang-esque tank+leggings+chunky heels. god talk about beating a dead horse. i just don't get how some people are so down to jump on every trend's bandwagon, especially because when it's finally fucking over you'll have a closet full of shit you never really liked in the first place. bummer.

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