16 May 2009

last night mara's little brother drew threw a party for some kid's birthday and it was basically the front lawn of hamilton high school after school is over, except magically in his backyard. there were so many kids. everyone i knew - the ones not still in high school - was trying to piss off as many of these kids as they could. i reprimanded a kid for not knowing how to use a chair, daniel and xander tried to play basketball while there was a crowd of people of the court, and aurora took her shirt off (which seems harmless but apparently that offended a ton of people). the best part, though, is mara, ryan, adam, and i trying to get some teens off of mara's front lawn. a lot of things were yelled but after i told the asian guy with the weird hair to talk to me after he took off his fedora it pretty much turned into a fashion fight. he told me that i was wearing a jc penny blouse (LOLOLOLOLOL), told adam that he was wearing a tank top - no wait, a baby tee, and yelled at mara for wearing socks. then mara said something about his $35 karmaloop t-shirt (fucking brilliant). then the chubby bitch in the black started talking again, more arguing ensued, and then shortly thereafter it nearly turned into a giant fucking brawl between the guys i knew and the annoying high school babies. nothing ended up happening. there was just this really restless energy amongst the older people at the party that needed to be released via shit-talking and pseudo-fighting. so yeah, that was my night. my night with my jc penny's blouse.

i actually forgot about all of that this morning but i'm eating breakfast in mara's living room reading teen vogue and i just saw a photo of some girl and thought, "who the fuck wears american eagle to a teen vogue event?" and that brought it back.

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