07 May 2009

gun in the sun

i went to the silver platter again last night. i had a good time, even when lily, bryce, geoff & i were combing some random damp triangular park at 2 in the morning looking for bryce's glasses. today i got my salad on for lunch and later lily & i biked to toby & chris' house. our relationship is approaching unhealthy - for instance, it's becoming weird if we do things without each other, even it's as banal as getting a smog check. but anyway, fuck that bike ride. the ride there wasn't too bad but there was this awful hot wind on the ride back and stuff kept flying in my eyes and the sun was just like HEY GUYS CAN I KICK IT whenever we went west. then we attempted to get indian food with jackson & antonio, couldn't find parking, and went to sushi mac instead. p.s. i am never eating the soft crab roll again! oh and i'm going to calarts tomorrow, the last weekend i'll be there for some months as the semester ends on the fifteenth. according to marley and the fortune she told me (lol seven year olds), i'm going to be a famous artist so it's good that all the weekends i spend at calarts being a low-key dance major and art ~literature~ piling up in my room are going to be good for something in the future.

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