23 April 2009


the production of die walküre last night was very unusual - lots of weird costumes and projections (and light sabers! the rumors were true!) that were kind of off-putting at first but the vocal performances were amazinggg. also can we just talk about how fucking long wagner operas are? goddamn. i remember a couple of years ago in orange county (?) there was a production of the entire ring cycle presented over the span of a few days and i remember thinking how overwhelming that would be. seriously - and especially after last night - i don't think i could handle three long ass nights of wagner, as much as i appreciate his music. then we went to a late, sleepy dinner and even after that i couldn't sleep. so at five i decide, fuck it, i'm gonna try, and then just when i was drifting off i get a phone call at five-thirty from lily, who landed in bawhstun yesterday and who will be home in five days. seriously if it was anyone aside from like, four other people i would have been so pissed but it was so good to hear her voice clearly after so many shitty skype calls. then i went to sleep. and then i woke up at 8:30. so if you see me later and i'm like, laughing and crying and rocking back and forth clutching a pillow or some shit, it's wagner's fault. but mostly lily's. but mostly the fault lies with how i somehow suck at sleeping.

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