28 April 2009

cry cry cry

so you know how i've wanted a red beret for a really long time? well in light of recent events, i think i'll have to waitlist that dream. the most recent: yesterday i was boarding the santa monica blvd bus (704 represent) and saw a the most pretentious girl wearing a red beret. she had a scarf and some stupid cropped jacket and was leafing through and old book (probably some old edition of a camus novel or something ugggg). what made it even worse is that she had this really self-conscious look on her face, sort of like she knew she looked like an asshole but had already walked out of her house and was late so she couldn't do anything about it. so after seeing and assessing all of this i was just like, "i do not want to be this girl." even though i won't go whole lame-hog with a scarf and shit i have a lot of old books! and a black turtleneck! what if i want to ride a bike? or pronounce something correctly in french? and i fucking love baguettes. it was then that i decided that this whole red beret thing would be too problematic. oh well.

lily comes home today around noon and HOLY SHIT Y'ALL i'm stoked.

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