18 March 2009


so one of my bffs lily has been ~studying abroad~ in the netherlands and holy fuck i miss her. the people that know me in real life have heard this story a million fucking times but i hated her in high school - we had french together and she asked a million questions and had a perma-hard-on for death cab for cutie and rilo kiley (if you look closely it's still there) and i wasn't down. but i started hanging out with her a lot over the summer with henry (how did i even agree to that?) and realized that she is an amazing person, one of the best i know. i still don't understand her vegetarianism or her instant connection with every animal ever or how she puts up with my constant pontificating but somehow it works. right now she's probably bungee jumping off st. peter's basilica in russia or hanging out with karl lagerfeld in paris or something equally amazing but seriously she needs to be back home so we can argue about which of her dogs is better (p.s. it's annie) and not watch six feet under. also you should know that she pretty much dresses like that everyday.

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