19 March 2009

in my younger days i used to sport a shag

the best thing about mcdonald's - or my local mcdonald's - is the 42 OUNCE SODA for 99 CENTS. it's so gross of me but during a hot day when you're in a car full of people and it's hot and your friend is being lame and not turning the air conditioner on 42 ounces of sprite is a godsend. plus it's enough soda for everyone if you don't mind sharing.

yesterday was a good day. i bought sunglasses, went to lunch with marakesh, SAW THE MOST AMAZING TRIBAL AFRICAN GUY GET OFF THE BUS (i know right), bought some ~essentials~ and books, took a nap, got lectured on religion by coffee bean patrons and went to low end theory. it was a pretty low key night. the same old shit happened: listened to music, danced, didn't dance, laughed at people dancing, got hit on by the randomest of dudes, smoked a million cigarettes. one rapper (danny brown?) flat-out sucked. his message was as follows: "your baby momma gave me head last night - p.s. kill yourself." what? but furious stylz (i know, lame name) was dope. they had a live drummer, who was awesome. one of the guys we met - from san dimas - kept looking around for us and it was so weird and obvious.

so yet another coffee bean has banned smoking from its outdoor seating area. that makes two (that i've noticed): the one on 3rd and la cienega and the one on westwood and weyburn. if this happens to my local coffee bean i will be absolutely distraught. and rule-breaking. speaking of "yet another" moments and smoking, when i went into a smoke shop today to buy cigarettes the employee there advised me to "stop smoking cigarettes and start smoking weed." um.

and to all the single ladiez: if you're ever feelin' lonely and have reached the point where you want to meet a guy and you aren't that picky or just want some male attention, go to coffee bean. you will get hit on. seriously unless you're grody there will be a bunch of dudes trying to get your number. actually maybe it's one of those "seek and ye shall not find" kind of things. ummmm never mind then.



    also you referred to me by my baby name- i love you

    also i would sucker punch that employee. after i look up what a sucker punch actually is

    also coffee may contain the same ego-boosting property in cocaine that allows men to approach all kinds of fine ladies

  2. i think a sucker punch is when you punch a fool when he doesn't expect it, so he hasn't got his stance and "gonna fight a nigga" mindset down, hence the "sucker" aspect. actually i don't know if that's correct. don't trust anything i say.

    re: the coffee/cocaine comparison: i completely agree. except with coffee there's no crying and punching walls while smiling like a psychopath if the girl turns them down

  3. i feel like you are referring to a specific instance that i will definitely be asking you about in person