12 March 2009

baseball central

yesterday the most awkward thing happened. basically mara and i found what we believed to be an abandoned journal at starbucks and started to look through it, only to have the journal's owner end up standing right behind us. it was so fucking awkward but the guy and his friend were really good-natured, and it wasn't a journal, anyway. it was a book of production notes so we didn't even get busted for reading some juicy shit. lame.

two days ago i saw the "nine lives: visionary artists from los angeles" exhibit at the hammer and i loved it. i haven't really enjoyed or gained new insights from an exhibit in a long time so perhaps that made it so much better, but independent of that i think it was a great exhibit, presentation and all.

i've also started reading after many a summer dies the swan by aldous huxley after drooling over the title for i don't know how long (it's from an alfred, lord tennyson poem), delayed only by the fact that it is near-impossible to find in los angeles book stores. i'm really enjoying it so far, something i'm extra-happy about because i've been generally dissatisfied with the majority of novels i've picked up in the last few months. hopefully it stays interesting.

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