17 March 2009


holy fuck i just saw the creepiest commercial i've ever seen. i'm not even joking, it scared with shit out of me. i'm not sure what's going on but justin timberlake was strapped to something with this crazed look on his face and then started forcing the rock (you know, the wrestler) to dance. the lighting was weird and i think they were in prison. also i should note that this is a fucking kid's choice awards commercial.

okay so i say this every week but i have NO book space. there are ten motherfucking books on my bedside table, and i'm only reading two. my room looks like someone exploded and instead of guts and a heart and stuff flying everywhere, there were books instead. it's such a problem.

speaking of books, i kind of want to clutter my room further with pete doherty's (i know right, throwback crackhead) newest, books of albion. i was totally obsessed with the libertines in 7th grade and maybe it's the 12/13 year old london in me but it looks interesting.

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