02 February 2009

would the stars melt down to a waxen pool?

so last night ryan and i went to the calvin johnson show, and it was great. we got there a few acts before his, and we were walking past one of the merch tables on our way outside to have a cigarette, and lo and behold, it's calvin johnson, standing behind a table of k-shield pins and mix tapes (that are dope, by the way - they sell them at ooga booga). he looks pretty much the same, aside from a little weight gain. i don't think he's changed his haircut since he was twenty. anyway his set was amazing - he played all of my favorite solo jamz and closed out the set with "can we kiss?" which is exactly what i wanted to happen. it was wonderful. that's all i had to hear, really. being there was almost surreal - it's weird seeing one of the most influential people in your musical life kneeling a few feet in front of you, listening to some mom doing a noise cover of "amazing grace." i expected more people to be there, but there were only about thirty kids. it was better that way. all in all it was a really good show. ryan didn't enjoy it as much as i did but he said it was better than he expected. he said calvin's voice seems to have "mellowed with age." i agree. he sounded great. didn't use a mic, either.

what up concert afterglow

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