13 February 2009

true life: i'm sick

believe the hype (title?): i'm sick. so i'm home, sleepily watching true life and drinking tea. i wanted to go to a house party/show (tweak bird, halloween swim team, bad parentsssss) but yeah fucking right. my head would have exploded. today has been full of coughing, napping, soup, tea, and getting splitting headaches while watchingharold and maude. but anyway tea has been a lifesaver. how do people live without it? basically what i'm saying is that the colonists were fucking crazy (see: boston tea party). that was uncalled for. real talk, though, i remember reading in elementary school that british authorities were basically like "exorbitant taxes, whatever! who's going to be crazy enough to give up their daily cups of tea!" and being amused. like, wtf? it's not heroin.

...or was it? new episode of history's mysteries?

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