04 February 2009

strictly for my l.a.d.i.e.s.

$ i am in love with vickery & clarke lip balm. i might like it more than malin + goetz (!)
$ i bought like 20 pairs of the world's laciest underwear
$ i need new shoes and maaaaaaaybe a pair of sunglasses
$ birth control is making me realllllllly emotional
$ i am SO TIRED of these little white poodle/terrier/what-fucking-ever mixed dogs and every time i see one sticking it's head out of a car window or at the end of a rhinestone leash i want to stomp it the fuck out with my ferragamos
$ i feel like baking pies

i'm at farmer's market and these old guys appeared out of nowhere with a fucking tray of in-n-out and i'm so confused

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