22 February 2009

great job!

so last night i saw daedelus, post-foetus, intricate machines, and free the robots at out of asia. i can't remember the last time i so thoroughly enjoyed an entire line-up of acts; all of them were really good. oh, but daedelus. motherfucking daedelus. godDAMN his set was good. i've never danced as much - or as hard - at any other moment in my life. anyone that samples "is you rollin?" and "god only knows" and makes me dance my fucking ass off to it needs that whole islamic martyr 72 virgin deal and about a million awards. he's also playing at low end theory on wednesday, with nosaj thing, but i'm having second thoughts about going because the crowd and the vibe is going to be so different. at out of asia there were a bunch of kids - yes, and some flannel shirts - that somehow stopped being self-conscious and just ended up letting loose and dancing and having a good time. the low end theory crowd is going to be older, and even though there's still going to be dancing there's going to be a whole lot of posturing. i don't know if i'm down. of course the best answer to all of this is go and have a good time and dgaf about everyone else. anyway i just went on for way too long about i don't even know what.

p.s. not watching the oscars

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