30 January 2009


last night ryan and i went to cal arts to see henry and rob and captain ahab. we saw henry, and rob, but missed captain ahab while on a coors-and-practically-mouthwash run. i had a good time, i think, but truthfully i don't remember too much of anything, aside from random tidbits - the candlelight room with the afro-cuban funk music and burritos being made by a single kneeling girl; some kids that might as well have been a weezer cover band; sliding across the floor; chewing a lot of gum? i think. i'm at cal arts too often. people are getting the wrong impression.

today - in about an hour - ron and i are going to the stand. we've been trying to go for the past few days but it hasn't worked out. i've been hell-bent on eating a chili dog. today is the day!

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