07 January 2009

fools rush in

to do in the next week
$ re-watch all of arrested development
$ birth control refill (important, not tryin' to have a baby)
$ catalog my books
$ find a hobby
$ go to yoga?
$ throw away a bunch of clothes
$ buy some fucking exfoliant
$ watch and delete a bunch of stuff on the dvr

i've been to the beach more this winter than i ever went this summer past. and it's been freezing. and i've been down.

i've been living like a pig for the past month. there are clothes and books and magazines and water bottles and necklaces and tissue and twenty million different kinds of lip balm and blankets and ribbon? and stuff all over my room. basically what is boils down to is me being too busy hanging out with edc to do anything to my room. i go out doing various things during the day, come back, go out again, and then come back home too tired or too into doing something else to care about how my room looks. it's starting to get to me but only to the point that i'm bitching about it. i haven't reached the "do something" point yet. i suspect it's coming up soon.

uh so i'm going to eat a bowl of spaghetti (fuck. yes.), watch arrested development, read (trying out all the sad young literary men again, hoping it will fit), and then go to bed at five in the morning and somehow believe that yes, i will wake up at 8:30 in the morning to go to yoga because that seems to be what's up.


  1. go to yoga without me, not-down-with-fitness-bitch?

    check this: I ain't down with THAT shit.

    i need you at cal arts.


    p.s. it's my dick
    p.p.s. i'm drunk

  2. p.p.p.s. i thought the posting time of that comment was 11:20 am and i was worried